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Domestic Solar systems

120w solar system can be used to power a small tv, led lights , a radio and phone charging. It comes with a 120w solar panel, 20a charge controller , 100ah sealed battery and 300w inverter.

Kyocera solar panels are widely used for domestic and commercial application and have high efficiency and known reliability.

High quality solar panels No. 1 Top Bankable Manufacturer Rated by BloombergNEF in 2019* with up to 23% modular efficiency.

Yingli Solar is one of the world's leading solar panel manufacturers. Long-term reliability and performance essential to a solar project's success. From 10w to 410 w

Suntech are tier 1 solar panels that range from 20w to 375w suitable for commercial and residential middle to large scale solar systems due to their high efficiency and reliability.

Solinc solar panels provides high quality solar panels for domestic and commercial solar system applications with both mono and poly crystaline versions from 20w to 345w