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The Green Camel Investment Limited Solar EPC Company

We are Kenyas no.1 solar power solution provider with a highly trained and experienced engineeting team. We offer design, supply and installation of solar PV and solar thermal systems for domestic, industrial cnd comercial applications. What is a solar system? A solar system is a combination of solar arrays , charge controller inverter and battery bank for the purpose of generating electricity by harnessing energy from sun rays. The solar Industry has come a long way and we are proud to be part of it. We have reached a point where its cheaper to install a solar system for Industrial and domestic use with a payback period of about 4 years on average. We do the system design based on your power consumption and load and calculate the payback period of your solar system based on your monly power bill. We can do this by installing an energy meter at your consumer unit an therefore detrmining you actual daily power consumption and the peak hours and form that data we design a solar system based on your actual consumption cost it and determine the payback period in months or years. We have practical experience in solar system design and installation that spans over one and a half decades.

We design rooftop, ground mount and carport solar systems according to space and aesthetic considerations to ensure our seastems blend in with the client existing design and deco.

Solar products

20w to 390w PERC and halfcell solar panels

solar panels, inverters charge controllers , batteries

Ritar VRLA, Lithium ion batteries, AGM deep cycle batteries

MPPT and PWM ,EP, Morningstar, victron and outback charge controllers.

solar water pumping for agricultural and domestic use

solar powered street lights for domestic and public areas

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