Solar Water Heater, Hot Water day and night, 365 days

Green Camel is one of Kenya's leading supplier and installer of solar water heaters for residential and commercial use.


How it Works

Solar water heaters are heating systems that source their energy from sunlight gathered from solar panels. This energy is then converted into heat and transferred to a water tank, effectively warming your home's water supply.Solar water heaters can provide a low-cost and environmentally friendly way of turning available water into a ready-made hot water supply for you and your family. Easy, convenient, and completely self-powered, these heaters are very reliable and will help you reduce your electricity bills.

Main Features

To cater the hot water need for a small family with 3-4 people, a 100 to 200 litres storage tank is fine. But for the large family, it is great to choose the one having the 300litres tank or more.

One time investment to install them and it works approx 20-30 years without creating any trouble.

There comes the two types of solar collectors- The Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors. The FPC is made up of copper or aluminum metals and are quite bulky in size and also the expensive ones. With the features consisting of robustness, durability, and easy maintenance, these are ideal for the tropical climates. And on the other hand, ETC have high heat retention capacity that makes it suitable for both tropical and temperate regions. But since these are made up of glass, proper handling is required during installation, servicing and operation.



  • You will save tremendous amounts of money and electricity
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Solar energy is and always will be free
  • Little Maintenance